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Dervish Army Voortrekkers (Boers)
British Army 1896-1902 Afgans
Egyptian/Sudanese Army Indian Army
Zulu Campaign Gurkhas

All figures are 21p each, recommended animals are shown (H1, H2 etc) but are not included.
One Piece Castings (OPC) priced individually.

DERVISH ARMY 1881-1898

MC1 Hadendowah with Spear     
MC2 Hadendowah with Sword
MC3 Hadendowah firing Rifle
MC4 Hadendowah Standard Bearer
MC5 Dervish with Spear
MC6 Dervish with Sword
MC7 Dervish firing Rifle
MC8 Dervish Standard Bearer
MC9 Dervish Emir on foot
MC10 Dervish Cavalry with Spear. H3. H4
MC11 Dervish Cavalry with Sword. H3. H4
MC12 Dervish Cavalry with Rifle. H3. H4
MC13 Dervish Cavalry with Standard. H3. H4
MC14 Dervish mounted Emir. H3. H4
MC15 Dervish Camelry with Spear. H1. H2
MC16 Dervish Camelry with Sword. H1. H2
MC17 Dervish Camelry with Rifle. H1. H2
MC18 Dervish Camelry with Standard. H1. H2
MC19 Dervish Artilleryman with Shell
MC20 Dervish Artilleryman with Ramrod
MC21 Dervish Artilleryman standing
MC22 Dervish Artillery Commander
MC23 Dervish Gunner for Gatling Gun
MC24 Dervish with Ammunition for Gatling Gun
MC25 Dervish Artillery Rider

BRITISH ARMY 1896-1902

MC26 Infantryman advancing
MC27 Infantryman firing
MC28 Infantryman prone
MC29 Infantry Officer
MC30 Infantry Bugler
MC31 Highlander advancing
MC32 Highlander firing
MC33 Highlander prone
MC34 Highland Officer
MC35 Highland Piper
MC36 Mounted Infantryman kneeling firing
MC37 Mounted Infantry Officer on foot
MC38 Lancer. H7. H8
MC39 Cavalry Trooper. H7. H8
MC40 Mounted Officer. H7. H8
MC41 Mounted Bugler. H7. H8
MC42 Mounted Infantryman. H7. H8
MC43 Camel Corps Trooper. H5. H6
MC44 Camel Corps Officer. H5. H6
MC45 Camel Corps Bugler. H5. H6
MC46 Dismounted Camel Corps Trooper
MC47 Dismounted Camel Corps Officer
MC48 Dismounted Camel Corps Bugler
MC49 Artilleryman standing
MC50 Artilleryman kneeling
MC51 Artilleryman sighting
MC52 Artillery Officer with Binoculars
MC53 Maxim Gunner
MC54 Limber Rider
MC158 Maxim Gun and Gunner


MC55 Infantryman advancing
MC56 Infantryman firing
MC57 Infantry Officer
MC58 Infantry Bugler
MC59 Mounted Officer. H7. H8
MC60 Egyptian Lancer. H7. H8
MC61 Egyptian Bugler. H7. H8
MC62 Egyptian Camel Corps Trooper. H5. H6
MC63 Egyptian Camel Corps Officer. H5. H6
MC64 Egyptian Camel Corps Bugler. H5. H6
MC65 Dismounted Egyptian Camel Corps Trooper
MC66 Dismounted Egyptian Camel Corps Officer
MC67 Dismounted Egyptian Camel Corps Bugler


MC68  Zulu, unmarried, thrusting with Assegaii
MC69  Zulu, unmarried, throwing Assegaii
MC70   Zulu, unmarried, with Knob-kerrie
MC71   Zulu, unmarried, firing Rifle
MC72   Zulu, unmarried, advancing with Rifle
MC73   Zulu, IsiCoco, thrusting with Assegaii
MC74   Zulu, IsiCoco, throwing Assegaii
MC75   Zulu, IsiCoco, with Knob-kerrie
MC76   Zulu, IsiCoco, firing Rifle
MC77   Zulu, IsiCoco, advancing with rifle
MC78   Zulu, Full Dress, thrusting with Assegaii
MC79   Zulu, Full Dress, throwing Assegaii
MC80   Zulu, Full Dress, firing Rifle
MC81   Zulu, Full Dress, with Knob-kerrie
MC82   Zulu, Full Dress, advancing with Rifle
MC83   Zulu Induna (Leader)
MC84   British Infantryman firing
MC85   British Infantryman advancing
MC86   British Infantryman prone
MC87   British Infantry Officer
MC88   British Infantry Bugler
MC89   British Infantry Standard Bearer
MC90   Highlander firing
MC91   Highlander advancing
MC92   Highlander prone
MC93   Highlander Officer
MC94   Highlander Piper
MC95   Highlander Standard Bearer
MC96   Dragoon. H7. H8
MC97   Lancer. H7. H8
MC98   Mounted Officer. H7. H8
MC99   Mounted Infantryman. H7. H8
MC100   Mounted Infantryman on foot
MC101   Artillery Gatling Gunner
MC102   Artilleryman carrying Gatling Ammo
MC103   Artilleryman kneeling
MC104   Artilleryman standing
MC105   Artilleryman with shell
MC106   Artillery Officer
MC107   Limber Rider
MC108   Naval Brigade Gatling Gunner
MC109   Naval Brigade Gatling Ammo Carrier
MC110   Frontier Light Horse Trooper. H15. H16
MC111   Frontier Light Horse Officer. H15. H16
MC112   Natal Native Contingent with Rifle
MC113   Natal Native Contingent with Assegaii
MC114   Naval Brigade Rating with Rifle
MC115   Naval Brigade Rating with Sabre
MC116   Naval Brigade Officer


MC117 Mounted Voortrekker Commandant. H15. H16
MC118  Mounted Voortrekker Plain Hat. H15. H16
MC119 Mounted Voortrekker Feathered Hat. H15. H16
MC120  Voortrekker Commandant on Foot
MC121 Voortrekker advancing, Plain Hat
MC122 Voortrekker standing firing, Feathered Hat
MC123 Voortrekker Woman, Loading
MC124 Artilleryman with Rammer
MC125 Artilleryman with Ball
MC126 Artilleryman with Linstock
MC127 Artilleryman Standing
MC128 Artillery Officer
MC129 Wagon Driver


MC130   Tribesman, advancing with Jazail
MC131   Tribesman, turban, firing Jazail
MC132   Tribesman, skull cap, firing Jazail
MC133   Tribesman, turban, sitting, firing Jazail
MC134   Tribesman, skull cap, sitting, firing Jazail
MC135   Tribesman, crouching with Jazail
MC136   Tribesman, prone with Rifle
MC137   Tribesman, advancing, sword and shield
MC138   Tribesman, charging, sword and shield
MC139   Tribesman, crouching, sword and shield
MC140   Tribesman, dagger and shield
MC141   Tribesman, Standard Bearer. E28
MC142   Mounted Tribesman with Rifle. H27
MC143   Mounted Tribesman, sword and shield. H27
MC144   Mounted Afghan Chief. H27


MC145   Indian Infantryman firing
MC146   Indian Infantryman advancing
MC147   Indian Infantry Officer
MC148   Sikh Infantryman firing
MC149   Sikh Infantryman advancing
MC150   Bengal Lancer. H7. H8
MC151   Indian Mounted Officer. H7. H8
MC152   Indian Mounted Bugler. H7. H8
MC153   Indian Artilleryman kneeling
MC154   Indian Artilleryman with rammer


MC155 Gurkha Infantryman, firing
MC156 Gurkha Infantryman, advancing
MC157 Gurkha Infantry Officer



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