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Little Gems

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All mounted one piece castings - 42p each

15LG1   Joan or Arc, banner, sword
15LG2   Duke of Gloucester/Richard III, raised axe
15LG3   Norman knight, charging
15LG4   Russian mounted lancer, late Middle Ages
15LG5   Turkish/Mameluk Cataphract
15LG6   Briton/Norman/Italian mercenary lancer
15LG7   Wars of Roses knight, sallet, lance, charging
15LG8   Lithuanian mounted spearman (bulls head)
15LG9   Norman knight, club, mace
15LG10   Richard the Lion Heart on cloth barded horse
15LG11   Napoleonic French Officer of Chasseurs a Chaval
15LG12   Napoleonic Scots Grey,Charging



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