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Late Mediaevals

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All figures are 21p each, recommended animals are shown (H1, H2 etc) but are not included.
One Piece Castings (OPC) priced individually.


M1   Man at Arms with Spear, c.1450
M2   Knight with Mace, c.1400
M3   Mounted Knight with Spear & Great Bascinet H12 H13
M4   Hand-gunner. 15th cent
M5   Standard Bearer. E7. E8
M6   Crossbowman
M7   Artilleryman with Rammer
M8   Artilleryman with Match-holder
M9   Artilleryman with Firing Chamber
M10   Artilleryman with Ball, Mail
M11   Knight on Foot, Great Bascinet
M12   Italian Mounted Knight, c.1450
M13   Mounted Knight, Bascinet with Plume
M14   Man at Arms Advancing
M15   Italian Mounted Army Commander, c.1420
M16   Knight, c.1420, Visor Raised
M17   Man at Arms, c.1440, Mail Jack
M18   Austrian Mounted Man at Arms, c.1400
M19   Lombard Mounted Knight
M20   Man at Arms, Polearm, c.1450
M21   Handgunner in Reserve, C.1450



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