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All figures are 21p each, recommended animals are shown (H1, H2 etc) but are not included.
One Piece Castings (OPC) priced individually.


F1   Man at Arms with Halberd
F2   Knight, c.1260, Mail, Surcoat & Helm
F3   Mounted Man at Arms at rest. H12. H13
F4   Mounted Man at Arms Charging. H12. H13
F5   Mounted Knight, c.1350, Bascinet & Visor. H18. H19
F6   Mounted Man at Arms, Kettle Hat. H12. H13
F7   Man at Arms, c.1330
F8   Knight, c.1270, Mail Surcoat & Helm
F9   English Archer
F10   Mounted Knight with Spear c.1280. H18. H19
F11   Mounted Man at Arms with Standard. H18. H19
F12   Man at Arms with Spear, c.1330
F13   Knight with War Hammer, c.1280
F14   Man at Arms, Mail
F15   Knight, c.1290, Helm & War Hammer
F16   Knight with Standard. E7. E8
F17   Knight, c.1300, Axe, Bascinet & Visor
F18   Man at Arms with Sword, c.1330
F19   Mounted Knight, c.1330. H18. H19
F20   Crossbowman Firing
F21   Man at Arms with Standard. E7. E8
F22   Man at Arms with Polearm
F23   Archer in Kettle Hat
F24   Man at Arms, Surcoat & Spear, c.1250
F25   Archer in Mail
F26   Peasant with Spear
F27   Scottish Spearman
F28   Scottish Man at Arms, Two-handed Axe
F29   Peasant with Club
F30   Knight, c.1260
F31   Monk with Spear
F32   Peasant with Staff
F33   Scottish Spearman
F34   Scottish Man at Arms, c.1250, with Sword
F35   Knight with Sword
F36   Monk with Club



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