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18th Century American Frontier

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All figures are 21p each, recommended animals are shown (H1, H2 etc) but are not included.
One Piece Castings (OPC) priced individually.


AF1   Frontiersman Advancing with Musket
AF2   Frontiersman Firing Musket
AF3   Frontiersman with Pistol
AF4   Woman Loading Musket
AF5   Frontiersman with Musket, Pointing
AF6   Mounted frontiersman with Musket. H15. H16
AF7   Frontiersman with Musket, Running
AF8   Frontiersman Firing Pistol
AF9   Mounted Frontiersman, Squirrel Hat. H15. H16
AF10   Wagon Driver
AF11   Minister / Preacher
AF12   Woman Walking
AF13   Boy & Girl walking
AF14   Leading Citizen
AF15   Frontiersman Kneeling Firing Musket
AF16   Indian Throwing Spear
AF17   Indian Thrusting Spear
AF18   Indian Advancing with Club
AF19   Indian Advancing with Musket
AF20   Indian Firing Musket
AF21   Indian Bowman
AF22   Indian Advancing with Tomahawk
AF23   Indian Chief
AF24   Indian Standing, Throwing Spear
AF25   Frontiersman Marching
AF26   Frontiersman Advancing, Squirrel Hat
AF30   Roger's Ranger Advancing
AF31   Roger's Ranger Standing Firing
AF32   Roger's Ranger Kneeling Firing
AF33   Roger's Ranger Officer Firing Pistol



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