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Seven Years War

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All figures are 21p each, recommended animals
are shown (H1, H2 etc) but are not included.
One Piece Castings which include horse (OPC) priced individually.


PR1   Grenadier Advancing
PR2   Grenadier Firing
PR3   Grenadier Drummer
PR4   Grenadier Officer
PR5   Jager Advancing
PR6   Jager Standing Firing
PR7   Jager Kneeling Firing
PR8   Jager Attacking
PR9   Mounted Feld Jager OPC (36p)
PR10   Musketeer Advancing
PR11   Musketeer Standing Firing
PR12   Musketeer Officer
PR13   Musketeer Drummer
PR14   Fusilier Advancing
PR15   Fusilier Officer
PR16   Fusilier Drummer


AU1   Hungarian Grenadier March Attacking
AU2   Hungarian Grenadier Attacking
AU3   Hungarian Grenadier Officer
AU4   Hungarian Grenadier Drummer
AU19 Hussar OPC (36p)
AU23 Artilleryman firing Gun
AU24 Artilleryman with Shot
AU25 Artilleryman with Rammer
AU26 Artilleryman with Bucket


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