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Dragon Fantasy

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Misty Mountain Orcs   Price Code
Z1 Orc with spear   A
Z2 Orc with bow   A
Z3 Orc with sword   A
Z4 Command   C
Z60 Wolf led orc command chariot & two crew   G

Plains Barbarians  Price Code
Z5 Barbarians with spear A
Z6 Barbarians with sword A
Z7 Command   C

Bargala Goblin Tribe  Price Code
Z8 Goblin with sword A
Z9 Goblin with spear A
Z10 Goblin with bow  A
Z11 Command   C

Wizards Price Code
Z12 Five various wizards F

White Citadel Guards  Price Code
Z14 Guard with sword A
Z15 Guard with spear A
Z16 Command  C

Tribe of Easterners Cavalry  Price Code
Z17 Tribesman with sword B
Z18 Tribesman with lance B
Z19 Command  D

Tribe of Southlands Price Code
Z20 Tribesman with bow A
Z21 Tribesman with spear A

Tribe of Westlands Price Code
Z23 Tribesman with bow A
Z24 Tribesman with spear A

Knights of the Dark Doom Realm Cavalry  Price Code
Z26 Knight with bow B
Z27 Knight with sword B
Z28 Command  D

White Citadel Knights Cavalry  Price Code
Z29 Knight with lance B
Z30 Knight with sword B
Z31 Command  D

Wood Elves Price Code
Z32 Elf with spear A

Band of Dwarfs   Price Code
Z33 Dwarf with axe  A
Z34 Command C
Z40 Dwarf handgun and  two crew   H
Z41 Dwarf with spear   A
Z42 Dwarf with sword A
Z43 Dwarf with cross-bow A
Z44 Dwarf with spear in chainmail A
Z45 Dwarf with axe in chainmail A

Wolf Riders   Price Code
Z35 Riders with sword  E
Z36 Rider with lance E

Band of Rangers   Price Code
Z54 Ranger firing bow A

Pack of Wargs  Price Code
Z55 Wargh wolf rider, warhammer  E
Z56 Warg wolf ride, spear E

Moonskul Goblin Tribe Price Code
Z57 Goblin with halberd A
Z58 Command C

Tribe of Easterners Price Code
Z37 Easterner with spear A
Z38 Easterner with sword A
Z39 Command C

Skeleton Warriors Price Code
Z50 Skeleton with sword & spear A
Z51 Skeleton with spear A
Z52 Skeleton with sword & shield A
Z53 Skeleton Command C
Z54 Skeleton horse with rider B
Z63 Skeleton Chariot & crew  G

Halflings/Hobbits Price Code
Z61 Halfling/Hobbit with spear A
Z62 Halfling/Hobbit with sword A

Extras Price Code
Z70 Giant (35mm) I
Z72 Tree Man (Ent)(75mm) J

Price Codes
A Foot, pack of 10 £2.00
B Cavalry, pack of 5 with horses £2.00
C Foot command, pack of 3 60p
D Cavalry command, pack of 2 80p
E Wolf rider on wolf, pack of 5 £2.00
F Wizards, pack of 5 £1.00
G Chariot and crew £2.00
H Dwarf Handgun 60p
I Giant £1.50
J Ent £1.75

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