All miniatures manufactured and supplied by Warrior are made from a lead alloy and are not toys. They are not suitable for children of any age. All miniatures are supplied unpainted. Sizes & scales quoted for all figures, ships, animals and equipment are approximate. 


Orders can be placed by 'phone, fax, post or email. Our Minimum order value is 8 GBP for UK customers and 12 GBP overseas. Please note that emails are not a secure method of communication and when sending card details we are happy for customers to split the details over two emails. A 'phone call would be better. Please include expiry, security numbers and your location for postage calculation.  

Phone/Fax : 0141 778 3426
International : +44141 778 3426
Email :
Post : Warrior Miniatures, 14 Tiverton Avenue, Glasgow. G32 9NX. United Kingdom.


Shipping charges are a % of order value For all orders below.

U.K. - 15% ... minimum 2.00 GBP
EUROPE - 40% ...minumum 4.00 GBP
REST OF THE WORLD - 40% to 50% ...minimum 9.00 GBP

The above should only be used as a rough guide as shipping will be calculated at cost.


Payment can be made by credit/debit card or by PayPal.
For PayPal we will send you a payment request.
Please include your location for shipping calculations.


All orders are dispatched within 3 to 5 days so add a few more days in the mail.
Overseas can be from 5 to 28, depending on your location.


All credit/debit card orders are charged in UK Pounds and your card issuer will set the exchange rate used to convert to your local currency. Card issuers may also make additional charges for this currency conversion.

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