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Dragon Fantasy - Army Packs

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Army of Good £18.00

113 pieces
Band of dwarfs armed with spear, axe, bow and sword plus command 42
White Citadel Guards armed with sword and spear plus command 21
Tribe of the Southlands armed with bow and spear 10
Plains Barbarians armed with spear and sword plus command 12
White Citadel Knights Cavalry armed with lance and sword plus command 14
Horses 14


Army of Evil £18.00 126 pieces
Misty Mountain Orcs armed with spear, bow and sword plus command 48
Bargala Goblin Tribe armed with sword, spear and bow plus command 48
Knights of the Dark Doom Realm Cavalry armed with bow and sword plus command 9
Horses 9
Wolf riders armed with sword and lance 6
Wolves 6


Army of the Undead £18.00
80 Assorted foot skeletons, 10 riders and 10 skeleton horses


Rules for 15mm Fantasy Armies £1.50

Includes sample 15mm fantasy figure

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