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Islamic 12th-15th Century

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Foot - 60p each

2501 Arab infantryman, shield and spear
2502 Arab infantryman, bow and shield
2503 Berber infantryman (late) Javelin and shield
2504 Negro infantryman, round shield and sword

Cavalry – £1.20 each including horse

2510 Light Berber/Bedouin, shield and spear M1
2511 Medium cavalryman, quilted body armour shield and Rumm (lance) M1
2512 Saracen mounted bowman - light M1
2513 Heavy cavalryman, chain body armour, shield and Rumm (lance) M1
2514 Mamluk/Saracen, chain mail, spear and lance M1
2515 Mamluk/Moor, Kaftan covered chain mail, Kite shield, quiver and bow in case, spear and lance M1

Recommended horses supplied with above

M1   Standard Horse
M2   Cloth Barded Horse
M6   Gothic Half-Plate Horse


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