28mm Monsters, Mutants and Gangs

Character based skirmish wargaming in a science fiction underworld.

All figures are about 28mm with each set ?4.50
Set X1
Rogue Combat Construct
Mutant Ganger, deformed arm
Scavenger/Ganger, chainsaw
Scavenger/Ganger, flamethrower, metal mask
Set X2
Mutant Orce Scavenger/Ganger
Wastelander/Scavenger/Ganger with Gleive
Mutant Human Spider Hybrid
Mutant Sergeon General, metal jaw, goggles
Set X3
Scavenger/Ganger with shot gun blaster
Flesh Fiend,with rending claws and punch dager
Human Security Police Trooper bare head
Scavenger/Ganger, running with gun
Set X4
Scavenger /Ganger with metal club and hand gun
Scavenger chainsaw with skin mask
Maniaxe Ganger in chainmail with axe
Scavenger/Ganger drawing gun from coat
Set X5
Scavenger/Ganger with two hand guns
Hooded Mutant Pegleg with sawn off shot gun and respirator
Mutant Scavenger/Ganger in rags with knife
Two headed Mutant Death Dwarf with cleaver and needle gun
Hoodie the Death Dwarf with knife and shield
Set X6
Four Human Security Police Troopers firing stun gun