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Foot 70p each
MP 1 Phalangite,attacking
MP 2 Phalangite,at rest
MP 3 Peltast
MP 4 Illyrian Tribesman
MP 5 Agrianian Light Javelin Thrower
MP 6 Slinger
MP 7 Thracian Peltast
MP 8 Hypaspist
MP 9 Cretan Archer
MP10 Greek Hoplite
MP11 Spartan Hoplite
MP12 Thracian Javelinman
MP13 Thracian Archer
MP14 Kardakes Infantryman
MP15 Persian Archer
MP16 Persian Slinger
MP17 Indian Heavy Archer,banded armour
MP18 Indian Heavy Infantryman,quilted armour
MP19 Indian Medium Archer
MP20 Indian Medium Infantryman
MP21 Indian Maiden Guard
MP22 Scutari (Carthaginian)
MP23 Caetrati (Carthaginian)
MP24 Celtiberian (Carthaginian)
MP25 Balearic Slinger (Carthaginian)
MP26 Carthaginian Citizen Spearman
MP27 Celtic infantryman, sword
MP28 Celtic Skirmisher, spear & shield
MP29 Libyan Veteran Heavy infantryman
MP30 Libyan Javelinman

Cavalry £1.40 each including horse
MPC 1 General with lance (Alexander)
MPC 2 Macedonian Companion Heavy Cavalryman with lance
MPC 3 Macedonian Prodromos Light Cavalryman with lance
MPC 4 Greek Light Cavalryman
MPC 5 Successor Hellenistic/Roman Republic Heavy Cavalryman
MPC 6 Thracian Noble Heavy Cavalryman
MPC 7 Thracian Light Cavalryman with javelin
MPC 8 Thracian Light Cavalryman with bow
MPC 9 Illyrian Light Cavalryman with javelin
MPC10 Late Achaemenid (Persian) Extra Heavy Cavalryman
MPC11 Late Achaemenid (Persian) Heavy Cavalryman
MPC12 Arachosian Light Cavalryman
MPC13 Indian Light Horse
MPC14 Parthian Cataphract
MPC15 Parthian Light Horse Archer
MPC16 Spanish Light Cavalry (Carthaginian)
MPC17 Spanish Medium Cavalry (Carthaginian)
MPC18 Spanish Heavy Cavalry (Carthaginian)
MPC19 Seleucid Cataphract Cavalryman, line & Companion, full armoured horse
MPC20 Seleucid Companion cavalry, Agema Guard, half armoured horse
MPE 1 Indian Elephant with three crew £4.00
MPE 2 War Elephant, Tower & 3 crew (Carthaginian etc) £4.50

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