25landban.gif - 1.94 K

Foot 70p each
25 LA1 Extra Heavy Pike, breastplate, armoured arms, tassets feathered hat advancing half crouched or receiving (Front Rank)
25 LA2 Extra Heavy Pike, as above but with cap (Front Rank)
25 LA3 Heavy Pike, breast plate, feathered hat advancing (1st and 2nd Rank)
25 LA4 Medium Pike, padded brigantine, felt hat (2nd and 3rd Rank)
25 LA5 Light/Medium Pike, standing (2nd and 3rd Rank)
25 LA6 Light/Medium Pike, in reserve
25 LA7 Heavy Halberdeir, breastplate, feathered hat (Can be used as an Officer)
25 LA8 Medium Halberdeir, feathered hat
25 LA9 Heavy Infantryman with two handed sword (Can be used as an Officer)
25 LA10 Medium/Light Aquebusier, firing
25 LA11 Medium/Light Crossbowman, firing
25 LA12 Standard 'Hut-Dich-Baur Ich Komm!'
25 LA13 Drummer
25 LA14 Fife
25 LA15 Doppler Soldier, standing with sword

Cavalry £1.40 each including horse
25 LAC 1 Mounted Aquebusier
25 LAC 2 Mounter Crossbowman

25 LAA 1 Early Culverine £3.50
25 LAA 2 Landsknecht Gun Team (five figures) £3.50

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