25jacban.gif - 1.99 K

Foot 70p each
25 J1 Highlander Running with Broadsword
25 J2 Highlander in trews Running with Broadsword
25 J3 Highlander Running with Musket
25 J4 Highlander Running with Lochaber Axe
25 J5 Highlander Running Bearheaded with Broadsword
25 J6 Highlander crawling wounded
25 J7 Highlander with Lochaber Axe
25 J8 Highlander lying dead

BRITISH "Redcoats"
Foot 70p each
25 J20 Private Standing Firing
25 J21 Private Standing Loading
25 J23 Private Advance March
25 J24 Private Advancing
25 J25 Private being hit
25 J26 Private lying dead
25 J27 Sergeant with Halberd
25 J28 Drummer
25 J29 Officer with Standard

Cavalry £1.40 each including horse
25 JC1 Officer
25 JC2 Trumpeter
25 JC3 Trooper
The Highlanders in this series may be used for many periods where the Scots became involved. The British Redcoats are Mid 18th Cent. uniforms so may be used in any of the Continental wars.

Bargain Packs
Pack E - 100 Assorted Jacobites £40.00
Pack F - 50 Assorted British Redcoats £20.00