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English Civil War

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Foot 70p each
CWF1 Pikeman, standing, Morion
CWF2 Pikeman, at push-of-pike, Morion
CWF3 Pikeman, standing with Partizan, soft hat
CWF4 Sergeant, advancing, halbard
CWF5 Musketeer, firing using fork rest
CWF6 Musketeer, standing at ready
CWF7 Scots pikeman, advancing
CWF8 Pikeman receiving, Morion, Cuirass, Tassets 
CWF9 Musketeer, standing priming pan 
CWF10 Drummer (assorted heads) 
CWF11 Officer, soft hat, pointing pistol 
CWF12 Officer, soft hat, waving flagstaff 
CWF13 Pikeman, standing, coat (assorted heads) 
CWF14 Pikeman, at push-of-pike, tassets (ass. heads) 
CWF15 Pikeman, at push-of-pike, long coat (ass. heads) 
CWF16 Musketeer firing, no rest
CWF17 Musketeer priming, no rest
CWF18 Dragoon, kneeling firing
CWF19 Pikeman cuirass, standing, soft hat
CWF20 Sergeant-at-Arms shouting
CWF21 Pikeman jacket, advancing, soft hat

Cavalry £1.40 each inc horse
CWC1 Cuirassier, firing pistol
CWC2 Trooper, three barred lobster helmet, sword and Carbine
CWC3 Dragoon 
CWC4 Herald (Trumpeter) 
CWC5 Cornet (Standard) 
CWC6 Essex (Use as mounted officer) 
CWC7 King Charles 
CWC8 Cromwell 

EA1 English Civil War Culverine £2.50
EA2 English Civil War Canon Royal £3.50
EA3 Gun Crew £3.50 

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