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Dark Ages

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These Goths and other European figures are mostly suitable for Franks, Saxons, Vikings and early Medievals

Foot 70p each
25 DA1 Ostrogoth Foot Archer
25 DA2 Unarmoured Foot Spearman, bearheaded G.F.S.
25 DA3 Unarmoured Goth, bearheaded, throwing spear F.S.
25 DA4 Goth Foot, unarmoured with sword and shield
25 DA5 Goth Foot, mailed, sword and shield
25 DA6 Archer in helmet with shield V.S.
25 DA7 Unarmoured Spearman in helmet, throwing, with shield G.F.S.
25 DA8 Spearman throwing, mailed, helmet and shield S.F.
25 DA9 Unarmoured Spearman in helmet with shield G.F.S.
25 DA10 Unarmoured Spearman in helmet
25 DA11 Hand Axeman, mailed with shield V.S.

Cavalry £1.40 each including horse
25 DAC1 Heavy Goth Cavalryman, spear and shield
25 DAC2 Medium Goth Cavalryman, spear and shield
25 DAC3 Light Goth Cavalryman, spear and shield