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Border Reivers

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Anglo-Scottish border raiders of the 16th century

Foot 70p each
BS 1 Foot Lowne-moron, glaive
BS 2 Foot Lowne-bowman
BS 3 Foot Lowne-slung bow, openhanded, glaive
BS 4 Foot Lowne-crossbowman, firing
BS 5 Foot Lowne-musket, advancing
BS 6 Foot Lowne-pikeman, advancing
BS 7 Foot Lowne Dog handler with two slewe hounds. £1.40

Cavalry £1.40 each including horse
BSH 1 Reiver, cuirass,burgonet, lance
BSH 2 Reiver, cloak,burgonet, pistol
BSH 3 Reiver, padded jacket, open hand
BSH 4 March Warden, burgonet, arm raised
BSH 5 Reiver, axe, mailed arms
BSH 6 Reiver, firing crossbow
BSH 7 Reiver, slung bow