25/28mm American Indian Wars-Plains War

and Buffalo Bill

Foot 70p each.
PW 1 Apache,kneeling firing rifle.
PW 2 Indian running,carbine.
PW 3 Apache,firing Winchester rifle.
PW 4 US. Trooper,finding bullet in belt,kepi.
PW 5 US. Trooper,finding bullet in belt,hat.
PW 6 US. Trooper,standing firing carbine,kepi.
PW 7 US, Trooper,standing firing,carbine,hat.
PW 8 US, Trooper at ready,kepi.
PW 9 US, Trooper at ready,hat.
PW 10 Apache,advancing with carbine.
PW 11 Indian firing carbine.
PW 12 Indian firing bow.
PW 13 Custer, standing firing revolver.
PW 14 Indian attacking with axe.
PW 15 Indian attacking with club.
PW 16 Apache,prone firing carbine.

Cavalry inc. Horse £1.40 each.
PW 20 Plains Indian,Carbine.
PW 21 Plains Indian in war Bonnet.
PW 22 Plains Indian firing carbine to side.
PW 23 US. Trooper,revolver,kepi.
PW 24 US. Trooper,revolver,hat.
PW 25 Lt.Col.George Armstrong Custer,revolver.
PW 26 Buffalo. (£1.40)
PW 27 Buffalo Bill,carbine.
PW 28 Plains Indian firing bow.
PW 29 Plains Indian firing carbine.