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Mexican-American Wars and the Alamo

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(Santa Anna’s Mexican Army 1821-48, War of Texan Independence and The Alamo 1835-36,

Mexican-American War 1846-48.)

Foot 70p each
MAW 1 U.S. Infantry, advancing, peaked cap.
MAW 2 U.S. Infantry, advancing, shako.
MAW 3 U.S. Infantry, firing, peaked cap.
MAW 4 U.S. Officer, advancing, sword, peaked cap.
MAW 5 U.S. Drummer, peaked cap.
MAW 6 Texas Ranger, firing musket.
MAW 7 Texas Ranger, adavancing, musket.
MAW 8 Mexican Peasant Militia, firing musket.
MAW 9 Mexican Peasant Militia, advancing, musket.
MAW 10 Mexican Officer, sword outstretched, shako.
MAW 11 Mexican Infantry, charging, rolled up trousers, shako.
MAW 12 Mexican Infantry, advancing, frock coat, shako.
MAW 13 Mexican Line Infantry, firing.
MAW 14 Mexican Grenadier of the Supreme Power, advancing.
MAW 15 Mexican Grenadier, advance march.
MAW 16 Mexican Infantry, hit falling.
MAW 17 Mexican Peasant/Peon, advancing, cartridge box.
MAW 18 Mexican Peasant/Peon, at ready, hat.
MAW 19 U.S. Drummer, shako.
MAW 20 Mexican Grenadier of the Supreme Power,Officer.
MAW 21 Mexican Grenadier of the Supreme Power, Standard.
MAW 22 Mexican Grenadier of the Supreme Power, Drummer.
MAW 23 U.S.Infantry,Standard, shako.
MAW 24 U.S.Infantry,Standard, peaked cap.
MAW 25 Mexican Infantry,Drummer, shako.
MAW 26 Mexican Infantry, Standard, shako.
MAW 27 U.S. Infantry Officer, shako.

Cavalry £1.40 each including horse
MAW 30 U.S. Dragoon, raised sword, peaked cap.
MAW 31 U.S. Mounted Officer/Commander.
MAW 32 Mexican Spy Company.(U.S.Scouts).
MAW 33 Mexican Irregular Lancer.
MAW 34 Mexican Tulancingo Curassier Trooper, sword raised.
MAW 35 Mexican General.(Santa Anna ).
MAW 36 Mexican Lancer.
MAW 37 Mexican Jalesco Lancer.

Gun Crew
MAW 40 U.S. Gun Crew, set of 3 ………£2.10.
MAW 41 Mexican Gun Crew, set of 3…...£2.10.
MAW 42 Field Gun.(U.S./Mexican)……..£3.00

Alamo Defenders.
Foot 70p each.
AD 1 Loading Rifle, hat, buckskin.
AD 2 Swinging Musket over head, buck skin.
AD 3 Firing Blunderbus, top hat, coat.
AD 4 Firing Shotgun, soft hat.
AD 5 Attacking with Bowie knife and pistol.
AD 6 Hit, falling.
AD 7 Jim Bowie, knife.
AD 8 Davey Crocket, racoon hat, cocking musket.
AD 9 Travis, firing pistol.
AD 10 Loading Musket, fur hat, buck skin.
AD 11 Gonzalez Canon. (£1.50)
AD 12 Artilleryman with ram.
AD 13 Artilleryman at touch.
AD 14 Firing Musket, poncho, hat.
AD 15 Standard Bearer in top hat.

Cavalry £1.40 each including horse

AD20 Defender Commander.(Sam Houston).