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French Foreign Legion

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A selection of 25/28m figures representing the tough soldiers of the French Foreign Legion during the ‘Beu Geste’ period,

circa 1900-1914 when they wore the heavy blue overcoats and carried the Lebel rifle.

Their Arab opponents, including the dreaded Tauregs, or veiled ones’ are well represented,

enabling any amount of exciting skirmishes of desperate last stands to be re-enacted.

The Legion

FL 1 Legionaire in fatigues, standing.
FL 2 Legionaire,coat,full pack, marching.
FL 3 Legionaire,coat,full pack, standing high port.
FL 4 Legionaire,coat,full pack,advancing.
FL 5 Legionaire,coat,full pack, standing, firing.
FL 6 Officer,standing,holding binoculars.
FL 7 Officer,standing firing revolver.
FL 8 Mounted Officer (inc horse)
FL 9 Legionaire,sentry standing at ease,fatigues.
FL 10 Legionaire,coat,full pack,standing,loading.
FL 11 Legionaire,Trumpeter.
FL 12 Machine Gun and two crew. (£3.00)

The Arabs

FL 20 Taureg,advancing,sword overhead,shield.
FL 21 Taureg,prone,firing Jazzail.
FL 22 Taureg,advancing with Jazzail.
FL 23 Taureg,advancing with sword.
FL 24 Taureg, standing firing Jazzail.
FL 25 Taureg cavalryman,open hand for sword etc.
FL 26 Taureg camel rider,openhand (inc camel £2.50).
FL 27 Taureg,kneeling,jezzail and knife.
FL 28 Taureg.Leader on camel (OP).
FL 30 Beduin/Berber,advancing crouched,Jazzail.
FL 31 Beduin/Berber,attacking sword raised.
FL 32 Beduin/Berber,running,openhand for sword.
FL 33 Beduin/Berber,cavalry man (OP galloping horse)
FL 34 Beduin,cavalry man,hand raised (OP galloping horse).
FL 35 Beduin,cavalry man (inc horse).
FL 36 Beduin,prone Jazzail.
FL 37 Beduin standing hand raised (Leader).
FL 38 Beduin,cavalry man firing Jazzail (OP galloping horse).

Foot, £1, Cavalry with horse £2.Camel with rider £2.50.
Open hand figures include a selection of weapons and shields where required. OP, one piece casting.