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Dragon Fantasy

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Orcs                              £1.00 each

DF101 Orc with spear advancing

DF102 Orc bowman, firing

DF103 Orc with sword advancing

DF104 Orc standard

DF105 Orc with raised sword

DF106 Orc drummer

Goblins                         £1.00 each

DF111 Goblin spearman

DF112 Goblin swordsman

DF113 Goblin with raised sword

DF114 Goblin bowman

DF115 Goblin standard

Goblin Wolfriders         £2.50 each

DF121 Goblin with spear, on wolf

DF122 Goblin with bow, on wolf

DF123 Goblin with sword, on wolf

Undead Skeletons        £1.00 each

DF131 Skeleton, spear advancing

DF132 Skeleton, sword advancing

DF133 Skeleton, sword raised

DF134 Skeleton hornist

DF135 Skeleton standard

DF136 Skeleton firing bow

Dwarfs                            £1.00 each

DF141 Dwarf with spear

DF142 Dwarf with sword

DF143 Dwarf with axe

DF144 Dwarf bowman

DF145 Dwarf hornist

DF146 Dwarf standard

High Elves                     £1.00 each

DF151 Elf spear advancing

DF152 Elf sword raised

DF153 Elf with sword

DF154 Elf with spear

DF155 Elf with bow

DF156 Elf hornist

Amazons                         £1.00 each

DF161 Amazon advancing with spear

DF162 Amazon with sword

DF163 Amazon with bow

Amazon Cavalry           £2.50 each

DF166 Amazon with spear and sword

Dark Knights Cavalry  £2.50 each

DF171 Knight with spear

DF172 Knight with sword

DF173 Knight firing bow

Barbarians                     £1.00 each

DF175 Barbarian with sword

DF176 Barbarian with spear

DF177 Barbarian with axe


Wizards                          £1.00 each

DF181 Good Wizard

DF182 Evil Wizard


Citadel Guard               £1.00 each

DF191 Man-at-Arms, kettle helm, sword

DF192 Man-at-Arms, face mail, sword

DF193 Man-at-Arms, spear

DF194 Man-at-Arms, crossbow


Citadel Guard Cavalry        £2.50 each

DF198 Knight, sword, on cloth barded horse

DF199 Knight, lance, on cloth barded horse


Halflings              £1.00 each

DF201 Halfling with sword
DF202 Halfling with bow
DF203 Halfling with spear

DF204 Halfling leader, helmet

DF205 Halfling with standard



Men of the Woods     £1.00 each

DF210 Leader, sword raised - Robin Hood
DF211 Cleric, staff - Friar Tuck
DF212 Woodsman, staff - Little John

DF213 Bowman, firing

DF214 Bowman, at rest


Dragon              £15.00 each

DF500 Dragon



camera_small.gif (1183 bytes)

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