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Spanish Civil War

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Spanish Civil War – 35p each
SCW1 Nationalist officer advancing, pistol
SCW2 Moroccan infantry advancing
SCW3 Republican/Nationalist advancing, French style steel helm
SCW4 Nationalist, charging, Spanish style helmet
SCW5 Republican assault guard, cap, standing firing
SCW6 Moorish infantry, charging, fixed bayonet, turban
SCW7 Nationalist grenadier, assaulting, side cap, rifle, throwing grenade/dynamite
SCW8 Nationalist grenadier, kneeling firing, side cap, blanket roll
SCW9 Nationalist grenadier, standing firing, side cap
SCW10 Nationalist grenadier, advancing, fixed bayonet, side cap
SCW11 Nationalist or Republican infantry, standing firing, helmet, blanket roll
SCW12 Republican assault guard standing loading, bandolier, cap
SCW13 Republican infantryman, crouched, rifle up, French steel helmet
SCW14 Nationalist or Republican infantry charging, beret, blanket roll
SCW15 Nationalist Foreign Legion, cap, charging
SCW16 Moroccan infantry, standing, firing
SCW17 Nationalist or Republican infantry, beret, blanket roll, kneeling firing
SCW18 Nationalist or Republican infantry, beret, blanket roll, kneeling loading
SCW19 Nationalist or Republican infantry, bareheaded, kneeling rifle up
SCW20 Nationalist or Republican infantry, running, beret, bandolier
SCW21 Moorish infantry, kneeling, rifle up
SCW22 Republican infantry, advancing, beret
SCW23 Republican infantry, charging, fixed bayonet, French helmet
SCW24 Moorish infantry, kneeling, firing
SCW25 Nationalist infantry, cape with helmet
SCW26 General standing
SCW27 Mounted Infantry with sabre OPC 70p
SCW28 Mounted infantry charging OPC 70p
SCW29 Mounted officer OPC 70p
SCW30 Mounted officer, peaked cap, sword OPC 70p
SCW31 Moroccan cavalryman OPC 70p
SCW32 Mounted Civil Guard officer OPC 70p
SCW33 Civil Guard advancing
SCW34 Nationalist, Hotchkiss machine gun and 2 crew - 70p
SCW35 Prone Nationalist infantryman
SCW36 Republican infantryman, prone firing machine gun (Abraham Licoln batalion)
SCW37 Nationalist, greatcoat, advancing
SCW38 Mounted infantry with sword/pistol OPC 70p
SCW39 Mounted infantry bugler OPC 70p
SCW40 Hotchkiss machine gun and 2 crew, Spanish style helmet - 70p
SCW41 Maxim machine gun and 2 Republican crew - 70p
SCW42 Standard bearer, advancing
SCW43 Infantryman in greatcoat, French style helmet
SCW44 Civilian anarchist, coat, bearheaded
SCW45 Infantryman, prone, French style helmet
SCW46 Nationalist infantryman, crouching 
SCW47 Italian infantryman, advancing. CTV 
SCW48 Nationalist infantryman, throwing stick grenade 
SCW49 Republican Malitiaman, firing LMG over matress 
SCW50 International Brigade infantryman, Lewis gun 
SCW51 Civil Guard officer, cape 
SCW52 Female miliciana 
SCW53 International Brigade infantryman, leather hat, charging 
SCW54 Moroccan standard, advancing 
SCW55 Nationalist/Italian/Republican NCO, standing, SMG 
SCW56 Infantryman, wounded, falling 
SCW57 Italian 'Bloodshirt' advancing, tasselled stocking cap 
SCW58 Prone infantryman, firing rifle,side cap 
SCW59 Officer, binoculars 
SCW60 Republican infantryman, kneeling, pilots cap & flying coat 
SCW61 Republican militia, marching, slung helmet 
SCW62 Gunner, kneeling, bare torso, helmet 
SCW63 Republican Dinamitero, charging 
SCW64 Italian NCO with SMG 

OPC - Horse and Figure are one piece casting


Spanish Civil War Bargain Packs

Pack 1 - 50 assorted Nationalists £15.00
Pack 2 - 50 assorted Republicans £15.00
Pack 3 - 50 assorted mixed types £15.00
Pack 4 -  25 assorted cavalry £15.00


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