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Saxons, Vikings and Normans

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Saxons, Foot 35p each
601 Axe man standing, shield, mail. King Harold.
602 Huscarl swinging axe, mail.
603 Select Fryd, standing, spear, shield, mail.
604 Select Fryd, standing, spear, shield (light infantry)
605 Select Fryd,throwing spear. (light infantry)
606 Huscarl,axe, attacking (light infantry)
607 Huscarl casualty,mail.(Harold with arrow in eye)
608 Select Fryd,thrusting spear,mail.( use as Viking)
609 Fryd,throwing / stricking axe,mail
610 Fryd Archer firing
Normans, Foot 35p each
620 Heavy Infantry,mail,kite shield,open hand ( us as Saxon )
621 Light Infantry throwing spear (Breton)
622 Archer firing bow
623 Archer loading bow
624 Archer firing bow mail,helmet
625 Crossbow standing at ease
626 Heavy Infantry thrusting spear,mail
627 Swordsman attacking mail
628 Light Infantry standing,spear
Norman Cavalry, 70p each (with horse)
640 Cavalryman throwing spear
641 Cavalryman open hand for spear sword,standard
642 Cavalryman charging spear
Viking, Foot 35p each.
650 Chieftain standing, axe, mail (Hardrada)
651 Axeman stricking, mail (use as Saxon Huscarl)
652 Swordsman standin, mail (use as Saxon Select Fryde)
Assorted shields and weapons with figures.
Bargain assorted pack of 50 foot figures (Our Choice) £15.00



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